Michael Sauvante

Executive Director

National Commonwealth Group, Inc.

Michael Sauvante has over 40 years of experience in founding and running more than a half dozen companies in diverse industries.

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With 40+ years of experience in new venture creation, I have long been a progressive thinker in the field of sustainability, corporate responsibility, and local economic development. My name is Michael Sauvante and I am the Managing Director & Chief Architect at National Commonwealth Group, Inc. (NCG), a 501(c)(3) non-profit think tank that focuses on the needs of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) and their role in contributing to the economic health and vitality to local communities and the creation of socially responsible alternatives to conventional business.

Our research has included in-depth explorations of public banking and banking law; securities laws, capital formation, public markets for SMEs and common investment vehicles; and most recently alternative currencies and universal basic income.

I am also the Exec. Dir. at Commonwealth Group LLC, a business development company that provides impact investment guidance and facilitates the flow of capital and credit to increase the liquidity of investments in small and mid-sized businesses.

Since discovering my passion for business, I have founded more than a half dozen companies ranging from construction, to software development, to IT consulting. In 1998, I founded Rolltronics, VoltaFlex, and InnoSigns, to leverage the new “roll-to-roll” manufacturing methodology for the electronic, battery, and advertising industries. I later co-founded Seertech Corporation to consolidate these companies and provide a platform for growing new ventures.

My background provides me with a top-of-the line education in what it entails to start new ventures in unexplored markets. With a desire to share this knowledge with other entrepreneurs, I joined National Commonwealth Group in 2008 and Commonwealth Group in 2013 to create unique ways to nurture small businesses by promoting triple bottom line approaches to business, financial markets, and economic development. more at https://commonwealthgroup.net/team/


Charter Oak State College

Bachelor's Degree

I received my bachelors degree in 1999 from COSC. I started college at the United States Naval Academy in 1966. That was interrupted by a stint in Viet Nam. I returned to college in 1973 earning my AA at Santa Barbara City College. I went on to complete all but two courses for my BS in Business Administration, Finance concentration, at Southern Oregon State College (now Southern Oregon University). I accumulated 30 more semester hours between 1976 - 1999 when I completed all my coursework for a dual major in business and techology studies with Charter Oak College. I am currently enrolling in a professional doctorate program with a major UK university.

Santa Barbara City College

Associate's Degree

I received my AA in 1974 from SBCC with a concentration in science.



Venture Capital 2.0
LinkedIn Pulse
April 2016

Explores the history and use of Business Development Companies (BDCs) as a means of providing capital and credit for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), using a public company funding vehicle.

Capitalism 2.0
LinkedIn Pulse
April 2016

Explores how capitalism is evolving from a "profit above all else" philosophy to one that is more inclusive and sustainable and how that process is more widespread than might be apparent on the surface.

Retiring Business Owners Flood Market
LinkedIn Pulse
May 2016

Approximately 60% of all Main Street small businesses are owned by baby boomer aged owners. Like the rest of baby boomers in society, they are wanting to retire. This is producing a glut of companies for sale.

How to Increase the Flow of Capital to Small Businesses While Enhancing Liquidity for Investors
LinkedIn Pulse
September 2016

This article introduces the concept of public Small Business Holding Companies (SBHCs) as a means of providing capital and credit for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), using a public company funding vehicle. They are intended to be a replacement for BDCs which no longer serve the needs of smaller businesses. In addition, SBHCs may be formed in just about any country with public company statutes, unlike BDCs which are specific to the United States.

Wealth inequality – a proposed tax code change for the 99%
LinkedIn Pulse
April 2017

The current U.S. tax code penalizes employees who receive stock grants or stock options by taxing them upon the day of their constructive receipt, regardless of those instruments can be liquidated to pay for the tax. This article provides a remedy for that problem.


Qualified Family Office Professional

Finance Training Society
January 2017 - present

Honorary Research Fellow

Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research
May 2018 - present

Technology Pioneer

World Economic Forum
January 2002 - present
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