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It's Time For Regulators To Expand Opportunities For Smaller Investors

Great Quote in the Article: "Wealth does not equal investor sophistication, and wealth should certainly not equal more opportunity. Today’s laws do not appropriately address either issue."

3 Experts Share Their Best Crowdfunding Tactic

Most crowdfunding campaigns don’t reach their funding goals. What are the majority doing wrong? What's the best crowdfunding tactic?

How a Simple Change Can Protect Crowdfunding Backers from Fraud

Crowdfunding backers who are victims of misconduct often have little recourse. But a simple platform design change could strengthen protections, according to new research from Wharton and Cornell.

Helium – Solving the IoT Connectivity Problem

When crowdfunding began gaining in popularity, it became quickly apparent that the platform was going to be exploited by scammers. Soon, it became difficult to tell whether or not the shoddy management team that failed to bring a product to market leaving a bunch of disgruntled 'customers' in their wake was acting maliciously or not. Did it really matter? People paid for a product that was never delivered. But this paled in comparison to the amount of money that people were fleeced for by the promise of ICOs. (If you've already forgotten about the ICO debacles which exited just as

Coinseed Registers with the SEC to Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

Coinseed is a platform for spare-change investment and cash back rewards in crypto.

CoinList Founder Andy Bromberg Discusses Security Token Trends

CoinList Founder Andy Bromberg gives his view of the hurdles currently facing the STO sector, and what is needed to get to the next level.

Kik Issues 131-Page Rebuttal to the SEC - The Tokenist

The SEC and Kik are continuing their feud. The regulatory body pressed charges against the crypto-company earlier this year for their unregistered $100M ICO. Kik is fighting back at the SEC and accusing the regulatory body of supposedly “twisting the facts.” The SEC brought a lawsuit against the crypto-company in June for an ICO held...

Google is testing Fundo, a crowdfunding app for YouTube creators

Google's Area 120 is testing a new crowdfunding app called Fundo to help connect Youtubers with their audience through paid event.

Blockchain Association Takes Over Kik's 'Defend Crypto' Crowdfunding Effort

The Blockchain Association will now oversee Kik's "Defend Crypto" campaign, with the added goal of helping other startups fight legal cases.

Airdrops Are a Marketing Ploy (And That's OK) - CoinDesk

A currency is nothing if not widely used, and that can't be achieved unless people make some cost-incurring effort to encourage widespread usage.

Scott E. McIntyre

President, Chair

Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA)

President @; MD @; MD @, Chair @

Tags: catalyst, entrepreneur, strategy, development, marketing, finance...

Darren Marble



CEO of CrowdfundX and member of the Board of Directors with the CfPA. A compelling public speaker featured in Forbes, LABJ and more.

Tags: Crowdfunding, Reg A+, Regulation A+, Equity Crowdfunding, IPO...

Dina Ellis-Rochkind


Paul Hastings LLP

Please feel free to contact Dina directly regarding alternative fee arrangements

Tags: House Financial Services Committee, Senate Banking Committee...

Alon Hillel-Tuch

Managing Partner

Stacked Capital & Stacked Venture Builder

Launched and sold crowdfunding platform RocketHub. Active entrepreneur, advisor, investor, and founding member of Forbes Technology Council.

Tags: equity crowdfunding, regulatory technology, cryptocurrency...

Dao Ventures

1818 Library Street, Suite 500 Reston, VA 20190

Dao Ventures strives to do business and create an impact in harmony with the environment, the people, and the society, the spirit of which is embodied by the Chinese character ... more>

Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA)

7 Times Square, 23rd Floor New York, NY 10036
Board of Directors

The Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) is a 501 (c)(6) nonprofit trade group that was established shortly after the signing of the Jumpstart Our Business Startup Act ("JOBS Act") on April ... more>

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