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A lifetime Entrepreneur, current President @ &, M.D. @ Phabriq Development

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Scott McIntyre is a lifetime entrepreneur and Founder/Chairman of strategy & capital services firm Phabriq Development a catalyst for over 20 years in diverse fields from Internet and education technology, to alternative finance, entertainment, automotive, and sports. Scott currently serves as President/CEO of Weeshing, a Crowdfinance platform that funds live events. Scott is a pioneer in Education Technology since his role as a founding executive of REAL Education in 1994, the startup that built the world’s first online education platform (distance learning, MOOC), later renamed eCollege preceding its IPO. eCollege is now a cornerstone product of Education market leader Pearson, having acquired eCollege for $477 million in 2007. Scott previously managed the State of Ohio technology incubation program from his offices at The University of Toledo where he recently concluded his appointment as Director, having successfully implemented his designs for a school-wide Office of Student Entrepreneurship & Engagement.

Intimately involved in community development and economic sustainability, Scott is a founding member and currently sits on the Board of Directors as President of the Crowdfunding Professional Association, the leading 501(c)6 trade group formed by the change agents responsible for Crowdfunding’s inclusion in the JOBS Act of 2012. He is a frequent speaker, moderator and panelist at leading global conferences including the first series of “Internet Finance” symposiums sponsored by the Chinese government, with four appearances across Asia in 2016 to crowds of over 30,000. Scott maintains an active network of leading foreign alternative finance bodies, with associates in over 20 countries. 

Details of Scott’s work history, achievements and recommendations can be viewed at


University of Colorado at Boulder

Bachelor's Degree
1984 - 1988

Broadcast Production Management - School of Journalism
Technical Director - Live News
Major emphasis Film Studies
Minor emphasis Physics






Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) (Economic Empowerment)
June 2012 - present

Scott McIntyre is a founding member of the CfPA and currently serves as President and Chairman on the Board of Directors. Since the CfPA’s formation in 2012, Scott has served as Vice President, and Secretary on the board, and has co-chaired the Education & Training committee.

Scott is a lifelong entrepreneur and was fortunate to have called California his home for 20 years during an era of disruptive innovation and exponential growth. His non-volunteer work includes being a Director at The University of Toledo, responsible for building out the school’s Entrepreneurial ecosystem. Scott also mentors the College of Engineering student entrepreneurs, and previously managed the State of Ohio’s Edison Technology Business Incubator.

Scott is founder and chairman of strategy/capital services firm Phabriq Development, known for integrating innovative business development and marketing strategies into new business models across diverse industries including Finance, Education and Entertainment. He is active in venture communities both local and international, and a frequent speaker, moderator and panelist at leading global conferences helping, along with the CfPA, to broaden recognition of the power of the Crowd.

Details of Mr. McIntyre’s work history, achievements and recommendations can be viewed on his LinkedIn profile.

9/5/2017 2:13:03 PM,
Scott McIntyre replied:

#Crowdfunding has already proven to be a preferred venue for amassing relief in emergency situations. Several reasons: 1) Donors of all kinds prefer to see tangible evidence of their sacrifice, and thus prefer transparent, ground-based, real time aid. 2) Donors are growing less confident that large organizations (from Govt itself right down to Red Cross) are equipped for immediate action or longterm fiscal management of resources. 3) CF channels provide recipients of relief a far more viral opportunity to gather publicity and funds. These all provide not only potentially life-saving relief, but also (and an unfortunate reality) an outwardly visible badge of honor for the donors who support the cause. I hope this helps answer your question.

5/19/2017 12:21:02 AM,
Scott McIntyre replied:
I don't believe that any major regs are required for CF to move forward--it's already changing the face of early stage venture creation and liberating fallow capital from investors of all ranks. Based on proposals now in Congress, I do believe that furhter modification will happen to current regs, such as definition of accredited investor itself; raising limits on Reg CF campaigns from $1M to $5M; adoption of Special Purpose Vehicles that don't muddy follow-on investment, etc. Hope that helps. Let me know if I can be of further assistance or connect you with some of my colleagues with a bit more insight into legislative/regulatory affairs.
4/8/2017 2:10:51 PM,
Scott McIntyre replied:
That's an excellent question and one that will be covered in depth at our 4th Annual Crowdfinance Summit in DC on April 20th. Visit to lern more! Hope to see you there